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How much does a consultation and following sessions cost?

The consultation costs £50 and will always be for 1 hour. A consultation gives you the opportunity, to get to feel comfortable with me and my rooms surroundings. Please click here for full details of the cost of counselling including discounts.

How many sessions will I need?

It is never easy to say how many sessions a client will need, as it all depends on how deepseated their issue is and their present situation.

You may only need a few sessions, to gain a fresh perspective of your present situation and issue. If you use the sessions to deal with one particular issue, after the issue reaches the point of conclusion, you may want to continue to with sessions to focus on other areas. All of which can be discussed in your iniial consultation if you so choose.

How will I know if counselling will help me?

You usually find that you begin to understand the process of counselling, after the first 2-3 sessions.
You may start to feel more hopeful, become more self-aware or notice positive changes in yourself.

One thing I can promise, is that I will always be honest with you and say if I think it will take longer or if I think something different may work better for you, ie using one of my other therapies to bring the result you are working for. I always review how you are doing after the first 6-7 sessions.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of sessions?

You don’t have to commit and can stop sessions at anytime if you feel the need. All I ask is that you talk to me about how you feel if this were the case, so I can assist in your reasoning for ending therapy.

Where are the sessions held?

My room is allocated upstairs in my home in Braintree, Essex, CM7 1BP. If any clients have difficulty with stairs, I have a room downstairs that I adapt for them.

When you visit my practice, there is a drive available during the daytime or road space for evening sessions. No one will know you are attending counselling as you will just look like someone visiting me.

I have included photos of the room on this page so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Are sessions confidential?

I give complete confidentiality at all times. The only time I have to legally disclose any information connected to clients, is when there is a danger to their lives or suicidal thoughts. or drug trafficing, terroism or money laundering. I work with the ethics set out by the National Counselling Society. I also discuss cases with a supervisor, but this  is only giving certain information and no names are ever given. When working with children and those under 18, I would have to inform the parents or carers of how we are working together, but only disclose other information with your permission.

How will I know when I’m ready to finish therapy?

I will regularly check your progress, but you will also know when you start to feel you are ready. During your sessions at  certain stages,we will discuss how you feel you are progressing, so we both know the point you are at in your therapy.

Will my details be recorded on any health, employment or school records?

Your details will not be recorded for any health, school or employment records. My practice is completely independent.

Counselling can be expensive, I’m not sure I can afford it.

You are the only one who knows your finances and if you can commit to sessions. Sometimes if a client is finding financial struggle, my rates are reduced and fortnightly sessions are agreed, to make it more affordable to them. I can only suggest, that you may want to see counselling is an investment into your well-being.